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20 Jan

Boyfriend, Girlfriend

When I was a teen, my mom took me shopping and suggested I try the men’s department for my back to school jeans. After I looked at her like she was absolutely out of her mind, I explained how that was social suicide and I would never be caught dead in mens' jeans. Oh, how times have changed! These days I love shopping in the men’s department for cargo pants, stylish sweats and denim. Not only do these menswear items have the length for tall women but, they also provide that baggy boyfriend look that’s trending super hard right now. I always go for those styles of men pants mentioned because they're versatile enough to mix with a tennis shoe...
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26 Nov

Give Glam 

We all know that feeling we get when we see amazing shoes in our size. Well, today I introduce the 'Trolley Ankle Booties'! These leopard print booties are from Nordstrom's in house Brass Plum (BP) brand. Side note, as we go throughout this footwear journey, my obsession with leopard will definitely be recognized. Since I have a slightly wider foot, I always order a size up in this particular style due to it running more on the  narrower side. These booties are super comfortable and actually provides really great ankle support, which means you can last from day to night with ease. The largest size is a women's 13 and there is a nice selection of different colors for everyone. They look great with any and everything, especially...
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