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1 Sep

20 Something

Being a 20 something year old in 2017 is rough in so many aspects, especially in regards to finances.  According to Wells Fargo, a record breaking number of millennials are living with their parents, which in large part is due to debt and a job market that hasn’t returned to its pre-recession glory. If you’re “boujee on a budget”, like my good friend Victoria likes to call it, then you know how physically painful it is to see the most amazing items online and in your favorite clothing stores that are way out of your price range. I love fashion trends. I love the art of mixing and matching the latest styles, making them my own with a twist. I also love...
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11 May


So many great things have happened to me this week! One of those things was stumbling upon this zara shirt dress that fits beyond belief. Another was the buy-two-shoes-get-40% off sale on! Those two things alone are enough to make a great week! But, that wasn't all! There are some other yet-to-be-revealed goodies that I can't wait to share in the near future. One of the things I advise every tall girl with large feet to do is stay on the hunt! Weekly, I browse the web for shoes just to see what's out there and what I can get my hands on. Nine West has had their entire site on sale all week with so many options up to...
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20 Jan

Boyfriend, Girlfriend

When I was a teen, my mom took me shopping and suggested I try the men’s department for my back to school jeans. After I looked at her like she was absolutely out of her mind, I explained how that was social suicide and I would never be caught dead in mens' jeans. Oh, how times have changed! These days I love shopping in the men’s department for cargo pants, stylish sweats and denim. Not only do these menswear items have the length for tall women but, they also provide that baggy boyfriend look that’s trending super hard right now. I always go for those styles of men pants mentioned because they're versatile enough to mix with a tennis shoe...
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