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1 Sep

20 Something

Being a 20 something year old in 2017 is rough in so many aspects, especially in regards to finances.  According to Wells Fargo, a record breaking number of millennials are living with their parents, which in large part is due to debt and a job market that hasn’t returned to its pre-recession glory. If you’re “boujee on a budget”, like my good friend Victoria likes to call it, then you know how physically painful it is to see the most amazing items online and in your favorite clothing stores that are way out of your price range. I love fashion trends. I love the art of mixing and matching the latest styles, making them my own with a twist. I also love...
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11 Jan

Ready to WERK

Finding balance between personal style and the standard rules of professional work wear can be challenging, especially for a 20 something year old fashion student fresh out of college. When I started my first non fashion related "real" job in the summer of 2015, I was nervous about being able to find work attire that I was not only comfortable wearing but also super chic and affordable. I love these pointed toe Nine West kitten heel booties because they serve so much life not only in the office but everywhere! The leopard print is always a classic and the kitten heel adds that touch for those of us who enjoy the seasons' latest footwear trends. Now days, I spend most...
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