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8 Feb

Not So Mellow Yellow


As many of us know, finding shoes for women with larger shoe sizes is truly a pain. There are moments I find multiple pairs of shoes in my size that are so bomb yet my bank account balance is looking back at me like, “Yeah right girl, try again next month.” Then there are moments I can’t find any shoes to save my life! Its like I have all of these outfits in my head with the same old shoes in rotation. It’s a frustrating feeling that has been with me since my love of shoes was ignited. I love all types of footwear and I love blogging but, when those two major issues of no shoes and no money get in the way, it can be extremely discouraging.

I’ve always been on the hunt for shoes in my size at an affordable price. Lets be real, at the moment it would be financially irresponsible of me to buy shoes over $100 and I’m okay with that. As I get older I’m realizing finances are huge in my life and if I want to achieve my financial goals, I need to be smart and not let my  fashion impulses get the best of me. Millionaires don’t stay millionaires by spending money. This is where shopping becomes strategic and not just “for fun.”

I’ve tried selling shoes and clothing that I no longer wear however my virtual closet rack isn’t clearing out fast enough. So, what is a financially strapped tall girl to do?! As of this month, I am seriously practicing budgeting and thinking of creating a “collection plate” or savings of some sort specifically for shoes. I say “seriously practicing” because I’ve been kind of budgeting (not really) for a few months now to no avail. In the meantime, I am looking for unconventional shoe sources from companies such as Amazon. I found these all black patent mules for about $40 bucks and was actually surprised to find them on the site! It may take a lot of digging through multiple pages and search options but if you’re looking to save money and find cute unique shoes, I say give it a shot!

One major strategy while on the shoe hunt, is to buy classics. This is my biggest rule because honestly next year will role around and when you can’t find a pair of cute new black boots at a nice price, you were ahead of the game by buying those go-to black patent leather boots with that bomb heel from last year *wink wink*. For us trend girls out here, we have to do our research and by research I mean finding shoes that are on sale now that have elements of styles on the rise, trust me it is possible. Platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Who What Wear and Vogue are full of designers previewing up and coming collections prepping all of us fashion lovers.

We can’t let others intimidate us into buying things we can’t afford, they aren’t the ones paying our bills.

Be smart, be beautiful, be great.

Photos: Jen Young

Shoes: Amazon, size 13

Jacket: Fashion Nova

Jeans: Thrifted

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Shahirah Ahmed
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