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21 Dec

Color Blocked

I  remember the first time I discovered color blocking which believe it or not I actually have to give our favorite celebrity Kim Kardashian credit for introducing my eyes to this color play. You may be thinking even back then I was super late and that Kim K. was definitely not the first to do it but, this is my story! *inserts laughing emoji* When I saw how colors were mixed and matched like deep purples and tangerines, I absolutely fell in love and was low key obsessed.

Like everything else in fashion, color blocking has once again arrived for a visit. My favorite part this time around is that it’s a winter trend using bright pops of color. I couldn’t be more excited when earth tones and every shade of black are highly favored. Color blocking is serious business and it can either go very well or very bad real quick! The easiest way to achieve the trend is by thinking of contrasting colors like green and orange to purple and blue, pairing colors opposite of the color wheel. I knew blue was a huge color this season and with this specific shade of blue, I immediately thought of my newly purchased all white booties from Forever 21.

I’ve always wanted to try color blocking but, at the time I discovered it I was living in Sacramento, Ca and definitely not brave enough to embrace my personal style fully. Thank God for moving to LA. From Runway inspiration to street style trends found on Pinterest, I’ve clearly transitioned my point of fashion reference. Designers like Balenciaga are bold with the trend and one of my favorites to do it.

The colors are bold for the women who are even bolder. I’m always preaching to have fun with outfits because your style is a part of you, a representation especially if you have a love for the sport of fashion. I’m still working on being bold within, developing my confidence to try new things, allowing myself to push the boundaries and wear whatever I want! Whether you’re in a small town or big city, don’t fall victim to the mundane belief that we can’t stand out too much. Do you boo and try some fun color blocking outfit ideas while you do it!



Photos: Jen Young

Heels, size 12: Forever 21

Top: H&M

Jeans: Thrifted (similar below)

Bag: Thrifted (similar below)

Shahirah Ahmed
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