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14 Dec

Vinyl Perspective

Don’t give into fear and self doubt. Instead of them working against you, force them to work for you.

Recently I volunteered for a project I’ve never done in my life. I’ve been trained to do all these things during school and interning but never have I ever taken on a solo project. Imagine my nerves once it actually set in! Like, who am I to ever sign up for such a task? So many fears and self doubts came to play. Not only did they wreak havoc on my mind but also on my body. I am fighting a severe cold as I type due to a week of stress and lack of sleep. I began to become agitated, frustrated and super tense. The only time that fear and self doubt acted as a benefit was to motivate me. It forced me to work harder and I fought to prove myself wrong while praying for things that were out of my control. I would check myself in times of frustration or when I would completely shut down.

We all go through this when fighting for our dream. If you’re 100% confident all the time, you’re fooling yourself. The thing that makes us stand out as successful people is that we work hard for what we want, and we have to work hard to believe in ourselves. The project came out as I prayed by the way! We all have challenges big and small almost daily. This gave me the confidence to continue and explore new opportunities that I never thought possible before. To sum it all up, the more challenges we overcome, the more confidence we build in ourselves. Its those battles that make us stronger and wiser. ย 

Heels, size 12: Nordstrom Rack


Top: Forever 21

Beret: Zara

Shahirah Ahmed
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