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9 Nov

Now Trending: Guide to Not Giving A Fu**

In case you haven’t heard, 90’s fashion is back in full force. I’m one of those people that love trends, I’ll admit it and I’m not ashamed! I think some people feel good announcing to the world “I’m not into trends,” or “I set my own trends,” but honestly all it does is garner an extreme side eye combined with a thought of how great that is for you. I have so much fun predicting the next trend while mixing and matching the current with my personal style, it’s what I live for.

Everything is recycled, nothing is 100% original anymore, and that’s life. All we can do is pay homage to what came before us and incorporate a modern flair on those reoccurring pieces. Recently I was flipping through past issues of Vogue from the early 90’s-00’s and saw that plenty of the featured looks were inspired by the Marie Antoinette, King Louis XIII and Elizabethan days (I may have my eras mixed up but just roll with it). Yes girl, that far back. That is where inspiration comes from, history.  My point is to have fun, if you like it then wear it. Don’t get put off by what’s hot or not, just do you and don’t let the opinions of others affect what you admire and love to wear.

So as I step off of my soap box, let’s get into this outfit! I’m so here for the beret look. I didn’t think I could pull them off until I actually put it on and now I’m a little obsessed! I have to stop myself from buying too many, so I gave myself a maximum of three hats to play around with. Remember, if you’re heavy into trends don’t go overboard with certain items or else your closet will be filled with gear you wouldn’t dare touch the following season. I paired it with a classic one armed knit top from Zara and trousers along with my favorite sized 12 patent leather calf boots. If you’ve watched my recent YouTube video, I was debating making them ankle boots but I’ve grown to love them just how they are! Buy footwear that will last you throughout the years. Invest in items you won’t regret later on and hey, they may take you from one fashionable time period to the next.

Photos: Jennifer Young

Boots: Ninewest, size 12 (large sized boot options in links below)

Pants: H&M

Top/Bag: Zara

Shahirah Ahmed
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