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1 Sep

20 Something

Being a 20 something year old in 2017 is rough in so many aspects, especially in regards to finances.  According to Wells Fargo, a record breaking number of millennials are living with their parents, which in large part is due to debt and a job market that hasn’t returned to its pre-recession glory.

If you’re “boujee on a budget”, like my good friend Victoria likes to call it, then you know how physically painful it is to see the most amazing items online and in your favorite clothing stores that are way out of your price range.

I love fashion trends. I love the art of mixing and matching the latest styles, making them my own with a twist. I also love the anticipation each season to see how designers create modern flair to a classic style that was on every woman 20-30 years ago. So what about staying trendy when you’re a girl stretching a dollar for the sake of your wardrobe?

  1. Yes, it’s close to impossible finding “cheap shoes” in larger shoe sizes but keep an eye out for those retailers that ALWAYS have promotions or sales (cough cough, Nine West).
  2. Zara has a semi annual sale twice a year, June and December, where most if not all your favorites throughout the year are discounted!
  3. Like I mentioned earlier, most trends are recycled. We all have heard our mom or auntie mention wearing that same top 30 years ago and how devastated they are that they didn’t keep everything from back in “their day”. The Goodwill is an amazing place to get trendy pieces at dirt cheap prices. I bought this basket weaved bag for $3. On my search for something similar online, I couldn’t find anything under $50.
  4. Resell old clothes on apps such as Poshmark and Mercari. I’ve used this strategy to get rid of clothes I’ll never wear before to make room and pay for new items!

These size 12 Nine West heels, Zara top, Levi’s jeans and basket weaved handbag were bought on sale or thrifted.

Shoes: Ninewest, size 12
Top: Zara
Denim Jeans: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted

Shahirah Ahmed
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