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September 2017

29 Sep

Rebel with a Cause

Have you ever just wanted to be "there" already, wherever that is? Growing up I wanted to be a million and one things but I've always felt like the under dog, unappreciated and overlooked. I also didn't have much confindence in myself, resulting in quitting when things got tough. I simply didn't want to work hard and was impatient to develop the necessary skills to be great at what I thought I wanted. Currently I've been battling the idea of my dreams being too big. Thoughts creep into my mind like I'm not making progress fast enough, I'll never get to where I want to be in life and who am I to think I'm that talented anyway? I retreat back...
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19 Sep

Fall with LTS

I'm always on the go. From errands, workouts, meal preps, laundry and still finding time to hang with my girls, all I want is comfortable clothes. Maybe it's because I'm growing older, but gone are the days I suffer in silence due to the discomfort of bad quality clothing. Slowly I am learning to save up for those higher priced items that will provide more bang for my buck or sift through the Goodwill for even higher quality vintage finds. I was lucky enough to snag a pair of these tall wide leg sweatpants and amazingly comfortable white tee from Long Tall Sally's new fall collection. Along with the comfort and quality of the material, the pants actually go past my ankle!...
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15 Sep

Plaid & Shoulders

New York fashion week has the entire fashion world on the edge of their seats. Each show leaves us wanting more, in suspense of what we're going to see next. From street style to the catwalks, I'm really not sure which is more anticipated! This year street style has been off the hook! I love that the street scene is a no holds barred event, where everyone from stylist, editors, models, bloggers and even celebs get to have fun and show off their personal unconventional style. It's like getting to wear every insanely fashionable piece you can imagine pulling from your closet and giving it a go. I don't know about you but I wouldn't mind playing stress up x10 for...
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1 Sep

20 Something

Being a 20 something year old in 2017 is rough in so many aspects, especially in regards to finances.  According to Wells Fargo, a record breaking number of millennials are living with their parents, which in large part is due to debt and a job market that hasn’t returned to its pre-recession glory. If you’re “boujee on a budget”, like my good friend Victoria likes to call it, then you know how physically painful it is to see the most amazing items online and in your favorite clothing stores that are way out of your price range. I love fashion trends. I love the art of mixing and matching the latest styles, making them my own with a twist. I also love...
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