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August 2017

18 Aug

Head to Denim

Summer is ending, fall is returning so now we're online looking at the latest trends and newest items for the new season and lucky for us, one staple is here to stay. Denim is like vanilla ice-cream. It's a classic, no matter what season it is and you can mix and match, destroy or fray, accessories and adorn your denim jeans while accentuating your greatest assets. Investing in the right denim can be the best investment all year long, especially if you have a harder time than most finding the right pair (here) Investing in footwear that you can always wear with  denim pieces is equally as important. I've been in love with wide leg denim and they look amazing with platforms and so...
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10 Aug

Baby Blue’s

To say these last few weeks have been stressful would be the least of my emotions. Worry is a silent killer, so silent, I didn't even realize how much it was wreaking havoc on my body, physically and emotionally. I've been worrying so much about my finances, career, and love life unknowingly worrying myself sick. Everyday is a battle but it is a process of realizing there is absolutely nothing we should be focused on more than the present. I'm realizing that I can't stress and worry about what's to come anymore because it's not productive and I rather spend my time on way more important things like enjoying life and focusing on my grind while being grateful of what I...
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