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July 2017

28 Jul

Knee Highs

If you're blessed to have thick legs than you know the struggle of finding the perfect fitting knee high boots and if you have larger feet in addition to those thick legs than the idea of finding tall boots seem impossible. I was elated the first time I stepped inside of these knee high boots from Smash Shoes! The material was so soft and comfortable, I literally didn't want to take them off. The heel is a great height, perfect for girls who love a heel and perfect for those who  only wear them on those fly special occasions. Theres so much to get out of these boots, I can't even deal. From denim to t-shirt dresses and even professional wear, these...
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21 Jul

Summer Fling

There once was upon a time I wouldn't dare wear white shoes. The image of two huge boat's, aka my feet, was stuck in my mind and I refused to allow my size 12's to look any larger than they actually were! It's amazing how the pursuit of fashion helped me slowly grow out of childhood insecurities. I would avoid colors, clothing and shoe styles just to lessen my appearance. Lately I've been growing out of worrying so much about others' perceptions of me and focusing on wearing what I love. White shoes have been popping up all over the place and I've been on the hunt for the best white shoe styles in my size, they can add so much to an outfit....
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14 Jul

Them Jeans

I can't remember the last pair of denim jeans to fit my body absolutely perfectly, for the exception of a basic skinny jean. I'm not quite sure if its because of the heat of the summer or just the evolution of my style preference, but skinny jeans just aren't as appealing to me as they used to be. Loose fitting vintage mom jean/boyfriend styles in my size seem to be non existent and its so frustrating! I walk into stores like Zara and see a huge variety of denim styles I would die to wear, except for the fact they don't go over my hips or a size 10! I love my pear shaped body but at times it can be a...
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4 Jul


Red has always been one of those colors I've always stayed far away from. It wasn't until recently that I began to fall in love with the color! I found this oversized blazer while visiting one of my favorite thrift stores and immediately envisioned so many possibilities. I'm a huge advocate for experimenting with your style and having fun with outfits, so thank God for these clear heels! Most of the time it feels like I don't have the perfect shoe to go along with outfits that require more than just a simple black, white or nude shoe! These clear heels has made life so much easier. Photos: Victoria J. Heels: size 12, email if interested Pants: Zara Jacket: Thrifted Bag: COS ...
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