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June 2017

16 Jun


About a year or so ago, I discovered Forever 21 began to carry select styles of wide women's footwear up to size 13 but the selections were very limited. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of the brand, I was excited for more affordable options! I have to give it to them for reasonable prices on trends that are here today and gone tomorrow. A friend of mind spotted these transparent slides online and less than 2 minutes after showing them to me, I was entering my credit card information! Being in sort of a slump the last few weeks, my mood more down than up, slides are the only shoes I want to wear. When I'm feeling down, heels are...
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3 Jun

Make it Work

After graduating with a degree in fashion, it felt like I couldn't catch a break. No one would hire me! Having countless internships and work experience didn't seem to be enough and after a while it felt as though I was begging for companies to see my potential. One year after graduation, I finally landed a job. No, not that dream fashion job I had spent six years of college pursing, but an old fashion desk job. I was the youngest person in my office but I was ecstatic, grateful and blessed for even landing a job to pay my bills. Almost two years later, I'm still working that desk job but I also had to learn tips to save my sanity....
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