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April 2017

26 Apr

The Fresh Print

Gingham is the print of the summer. A fresh update to a classic print, gingham is everywhere, and I'm falling in love with it for the first time. One of my favorite aspects of the print is the versatility it adds to so many pieces. It doesn't matter if you pair it with heels, slides, tennis shoes, or sandals, you'll get a relaxed, feminine summer look. With such a fun print, pairing it with your favorite shoes will be effortless. Whether out and about around town or jet setting for that vacation you've been planning since last year, gingham is the perfect print to add to your wardrobe this summer. No matter your style, trust me, there's a gingham piece that will...
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20 Apr

On the Block

The slingback block heel is the perfect combo for a retro trend look. Simple yet stylish, this heel screams minimalistic 90's sweet girl vibes and I am so here for it. I paired the rose gold block sandals with my favorite pink slip dress and silk-like blazer, and I got a very Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City meets tall black girl living in Los Angeles type of look. What I love most about the heels is the color. I tend to stick to neutrals so I can mix and match but rose gold is a color that can be coordinated with much more than I originally thought possible and it finally adds versatility to my shoe rack. Available online at Nordstrom, there...
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13 Apr

Criss Cross & Perspex-tive

Challenges are not here to destroy but to make us stronger, wiser, and smarter. Sometimes it's that involuntary leap that we don't have the courage to take on our own, a test of our abilities or elimination of comfort zones that causes us to reach for our own greatness. Recently, I've learned to deal with challenges in a way that no longer causes grief, stress, or sweat off my back. When faced with challenges, I know whatever the issue is, I will find the answer within. I have learned to trust in myself and God that everything will be fine and better than expected. So, I enjoy every challenge, road block and speed bump life throws my way. When faced with the...
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5 Apr

Pink is the New Black

Pink is a go to for spring as well as a classic symbol of extraordinary strength and girl power. It represents both beauty and femininity. With femininity comes power, and power is the most important characteristic many women often forget we have. Femininity has many layers, including patience, sensuality, vulnerability, intuition, and radiance. A certain level of self love/confidence, strength and wisdom are required in order to take advantage and achieve the greatest potential of what we have inherent within us. Don't fight the power, embrace it. We must let go of fear and self doubt. Trust that when the walls come down, our strength powers us to conquer any and everything. Photos Victoria J. Shoes: email Jacket: H&M Jeans: Missy Empire, size 14 Purse: Zara...
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