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January 2017

27 Jan

Designer Dreams

We've all heard the phrase "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," well for the last year or so I've learned to really have faith in the "struggle". Whenever we set and pursue goals in life, adversity is apart of the journey. Sleepless nights, hard times and bad times are so valuable. Everything that is important will be difficult and as some of us may or may not know, we will have to fight for what we want in this life. Nothing valuable is easy to attain. Our strength will be tested over and over again, but it is our choice if what we want is worth it. The bags underneath my eyes are designer because not only do they...
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20 Jan

Boyfriend, Girlfriend

When I was a teen, my mom took me shopping and suggested I try the men’s department for my back to school jeans. After I looked at her like she was absolutely out of her mind, I explained how that was social suicide and I would never be caught dead in mens' jeans. Oh, how times have changed! These days I love shopping in the men’s department for cargo pants, stylish sweats and denim. Not only do these menswear items have the length for tall women but, they also provide that baggy boyfriend look that’s trending super hard right now. I always go for those styles of men pants mentioned because they're versatile enough to mix with a tennis shoe...
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11 Jan

Ready to WERK

Finding balance between personal style and the standard rules of professional work wear can be challenging, especially for a 20 something year old fashion student fresh out of college. When I started my first non fashion related "real" job in the summer of 2015, I was nervous about being able to find work attire that I was not only comfortable wearing but also super chic and affordable. I love these pointed toe Nine West kitten heel booties because they serve so much life not only in the office but everywhere! The leopard print is always a classic and the kitten heel adds that touch for those of us who enjoy the seasons' latest footwear trends. Now days, I spend most...
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