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September 2016

28 Sep

Fall Transition

Summer is gone but the sun is still out and the heat is real ( at least in LA) and meanwhile my fall wardrobe is dying to make an appearance! Until we get the complete fall weather, I thought it’d be cool to show how I transition seasons by incorporating summer and fall all in the same mix! I bought this lightweight pastel leather jacket because let’s face it, pastels in the fall are everything. It’s the perfect pop of color to add in with the fall tones! Lightweight culottes are also a favorite. In Los Angeles it’s still hot with a slight breeze, so culottes are perfect for the transition. Zara has so many options of prints, colors and styles that...
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15 Sep

Wonder Woman

The last few weeks have been challenging. I feel as though I’m in a mid twenties crisis, nothing too major, but finding myself can be a bit uncomfortable to say the least. I’ve learned that every experience good or bad is a growing experience and that becoming a stronger woman is no piece of cake. It takes mental exercise and discipline, kind of like going to the gym each day. We work on our muscles, its painful, however they get bigger and stronger. It takes strength to power through your day, through whatever situation you are faced, and whatever circumstance you may temporarily be going through. In the words of mother Bey, “there is no such thing as a weak...
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7 Sep


I remember the first time I discovered Long Tall Sally. I couldn’t believe that FINALLY, an entire website dedicated to women like me. At the time I was in college, growing out of my tom boy phase and looking for more “girly” shoes. Walking into the mall was a waste of time and I swear I was on the internet daily looking for shoes in my size, Google became my best friend. I was ecstatic when I found LTS. Not only were my shoe needs covered but I found pants that were long enough, it was like an entirely new fashion lane finally opening up. Long Tall Sally takes away the anxiety of not being able to find the perfect...
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1 Sep

East Asian Florals

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for trends and right now East Asian floral prints have arrived. Being heavy into trends brings on its own set of problems beyond just having to keep up. When "special sizing" is needed some times we get left behind however, I had to learn how to shop for specific shoes. Nudes are always amazing because they match with almost everything and when you're keeping up with clothing trends, they make it super easy to pair. Below are two links I found on (they're on sale!!!) of similar heels and I kept in mind those of us who prefer extra height and those who don't! Being trendy takes a little more effort for some of us but...
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