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14 Jun

How to Dress Up Your Joggers

Not only do I love bringing my favorite styles in larger women’s footwear but I also love creating outfits to maximize our current shoe options! Each one of us has our own style but most, if not all of us, find it hard to navigate through overwhelming options of less than impressive styles. So learning to become more creative with what we have has definitley become a must since we don’t have the luxury of buying every shoe we fall in love with. Zara is one of my favorite retailers that offers many different styles of jogger pants which help maximize our shoe options! They are perfect to pair with many styles of shoes we already own, from the go to sneakers to our favorite stilettos. We have to get the most out of what we can, how we can!





Photosย Christine Ta

Heels: Sam Edelman, size 12 (Nordstrom)

Pants/Jacket: Zara


Shahirah Ahmed
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