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January 2016

28 Jan

Heather Mooney

"Twice the taste in half the time for the girl on the go. I invented the quick-burning paper." Heather Mooney was the undercover star of Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, the best "It girl" movie of the 90's. Her need for Boss Chick essentials is equivalent to my need for versatile shoes. Something that I can slip on from casual to chic occasions and last entirely throughout my hectic day. Mules are that shoe. I can slip them on literally on my way out of the door with jeans, shorts, skirts...
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21 Jan

DIY Fur Heels

I've been obsessed with fur these past few months, so I decided to take things to an entirely new level.  I've revamped a pair of nude heels I had tossed to the back of my closet a while ago. I've had the idea of a footwear DIY project for a while now and after watching a few YouTube videos, I finally decided to go for it! I bought these heels about two years ago from and we've had some great times but, as always beauty fades and all good things come to an end, or so I thought. I wanted these heels to pop, so instead of using faux fur, I went with a feather boa to create a...
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